How much does a clipping path cost?

It is a very familiar question every time asked by people who are always in the process of choosing a clipping path skilled for their 1st clipping path service job. People always want to make sure that they are working with the perfect people and paying the suitable price for it. Same or related clipping path service is offered by different people can have completely different kind of pricing.

Simple clipping path service that requires clipping a wine bottle, Pepsi bottle or it may be a cell phone can take about 5 to 8 minutes and can cost as low as half a dollar. However, this is bulk charges if you have huge amount of images to be clipped. If you just have one image that requires clipping path, this one clipping path service may cost you as much as $5.00 to $10.00, it depends on whom you are hiring for this service and from where.

There are a lot of Complex clipping path services like clipping out a bicycle, motor cycle or a large Jewelry using Photoshop hand tool may cost lot more, for example from $5 to $10 at a bulk pricing rate as they require lot of time and precision for completing the path.

Clipping-Path-7So before asking how much the service cost, you should figure out what kind of clipping path job it is and how much time it may take to do it. Every person has value of their time and they will ask for you for their time appropriately. If you are in the business firm that requires clipping path services regularly, you should discuss to a reliable clipping path service provider and negotiate a bulk pricing for your job. If you regular outsource clipping path service from them they may cost you low price.

Some of clipping path service providers like Clipping Path Lab which is providing clipping path service at a low cost. You can get done all your photos that requires clipping at a low cost because their starting price for Clipping Path or Background Removal service is $0.29.

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