Function of Different Tools in Photoshop

Photoshop is a really advanced raster image editing software. It is the best choice for professionals like photographer, graphic designers, and web designers. In Photoshop, all kind of design works are mainly done with tools. Each tool provides different methods of performing. Let’s look some of the most helpful tool used in Photoshop.

Lasso Tool    Lasso tool

Lasso tool is specially used for 100% free hand selection. To use lasso you need to select the lasso from the tools menu and drag or pull where ever you would like. It will make an outline wherever you pulled or dragged the lasso. You will find three kinds of lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop, polytechnic lasso, lasso and magnetic lasso. Polytechnic and magnetic lasso tool are totally different then lasso tool.

Pen Tool Pen tool

Pen tool has become the most important tool in Photoshop because all kind of strokes are done by Pen tool. By using the pen tool anyone user can create any types of shape he wants and edit the strokes using version of pen tool, the remove anchor point tool, add point tool, and also convert anchor point tool. Basically each of the shapes as well as size can be made with pen tool.

Quick selection tool  Quick selection tool

Quick selection tool is used for selecting any portion of photos quickly. It is very easy to use for any user.

Common uses of three selection tool

Though these are three different tools, they have one factor in common. All of them are mainly used to clipping path. Clipping path is the way of removing background of an object. The job of clipping path is actually bit advanced as it requirements pin point accuracy to remove background without having distorted the actual targeted item. This is why professional clipping path works are mostly done by clipping path service. There are many professional companies available in online who offer clipping path service at different cost.  “Clipping Path Lab” offers clipping path service at a reasonable cost.

Tools for photo retouching

Retouching is a method of improving the outlook of any image. There are many types of tools for photo retouching in Photoshop.

The healing brush tool

Healing brush tool is very famous tool which is used for cleaning unwanted spots, and cleanup a photo etc. You will find several types of healing brush providing different types of work.

Clone stamp tool

This is another useful tool to do photo retouching work.

Gradient tool

Gradient tool is used to do color combination. Using gradient tool, you can combine several colors to create one unique color.

Text tool

Text tools are mainly used to write text over an image or decorating any text.


There are more tools available in Adobe Photoshop but those described above are the most used one.


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