Where did the mannequin go?

Ever seen any kind of images with an apparel or even fashion design website where a dress is shown which appears like it’s on the mannequin however the mannequin is not really visible? I’m sure every one of us did since this is the common pattern in the trend layout or attire industry to utilize such kind of photography. This kind of special discipline of photos is called invisible mannequin photography or making ghost mannequin effects.neck-joint-3

Therefore the question is the reason why remove the mannequin and create a good illusion to display that the apparel product is over a mannequin. It is really make the photo look more attractive.  Also to allow the potential buyers chance to see the overall item which often otherwise wouldn’t be possible with the dress being over the mannequin.

Clothing industry arrived a long way, because did the actual photo editing services businesses.  While apparel companies are discovering innovative concepts on how to advertise and show their products in a unique and attractive way, photo retouching services online businesses are walking exactly the same line through meeting all those demands. Making ghost mannequin effects or even invisible mannequin photography is among the prime good examples.

A few clothing businesses who just needs a few of this particular invisible mannequin photography modified in Photoshop attempt to get it done on their own using own Photoshop team or themselves if they know Photoshop. However the bigger companies who want plenty of these invisible mannequin photography editing carried out on a regular basis frequently find it inexpensive to outsource the work from an online photo editing service company.

One more purpose to outsource the invisible mannequin photography work to Outdoors Company to be sure the garments companies have a worldwide solution. A well-known photo editing company has professional workers who are capable to producing enormous amounts of images on a daily basis so they are staffed to provide such capability. Additionally it is cost efficient to outsource instead of doing it by yourself.


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