10 Weird Photography Niche

Are you a photographer struggling to find your niche? Or maybe just someone who would like to diversify your portfolio a little? Finding a new and lucrative niche might be just what your graphic design business needs.


So many times, photographers get stuck in a niche they were never really interested in, simply because it was profitable. For example, wedding photography can earn you some major cash, but if it’s not your thing, you’ll find yourself stressed out and hating every minute of it.

To build a business you love, it’s best to start out with a niche that interests you and make a name for yourself in it. But what if you don’t love the niches you know of, like weddings, engagements, babies or families?

Easy. Find another one! Easier said than done, right? That’s why I found 10 successful photographers who capitalized on some unique specialties that catapulted their careers. Use the list for inspiration to find your own niche, or do a little investigating to see if one of these might be profitable for you.

1. Music Photography

This niche may take a little work to get into, but the perks that come with it can be pretty amazing. If you establish a name for yourself here, chances are you’ll score some cool freebies, like concert tickets and backstage passes, as well as a rockin’ salary to go along with it.

For a job in this industry, you might be photographing live concerts, album covers or venues. Rock star photographer, starting out slow with bands who are also just starting out, and building your business from there.

2. Tattooed Bride Photography

This sub-niche of bridal photography is one that’s becoming super popular. sort of the pioneer of this genre and has gained some massive recognition for it in places.

3. Equine Photography

Yep. Horses. There are a ton of photographers who photograph horses for fine art prints, but there are also who specialize in taking pictures of people with their horses. Even more specific…she has an entire section of her portfolio dedicated to high school seniors with their horses. Smart lady. If someone owns a horse, they likely have some expendable income to spare for things like photography.

4. Golf Course Photography

A sub-niche of landscape photography, golf course photography is a bigger deal than you might think. often getting his work published in golfing and travel magazines and big-company advertisements.

5. Birth Photography

Birth photography is a whole different class of baby photography. These professionals are either in the room during delivery, or come in right after to capture those first moments of a baby’s life. Whether it is those very first breaths, the milestones in between or those quiet and lost moments that often go unseen.”

6. Sweet Sixteen Photography

There are many sub-niches of event photography and Sweet Sixteen (or birthday) photography is one of them. New York photographer, since families are willing to shell out big bucks for these wedding-like parties, my guess is, he does pretty well!

7. Vacation Photography

Wanna travel on someone else’s dime? Why not hire yourself out as a vacation photographer. travels along with families on their trips to capture all their images so that no one is ever left out. Now, that’s a clever combination of photography and travel!

8. Rodeo Photography

If you enjoy the dust and adventure of the cowboy circuit, rodeo photography might be the niche for you. Their photos can be picked up by major magazines and advertisers across the globe, not to mention sales made to cowboys who want their own shots.

9. Dating Profile Photography

People want to look their best for their dating profiles, and Max Schwartz of Tinder Head shots is making a living offering the service. He specifically shoots head shots for clients using the Tinder dating app, and gets props from his customers for helping them land dates.

10.Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

Last, but not least, is my little niche in the world of photography where I make over six figures from about 20 jobs a year. I know! I’m living the dream.

If you live in an area like I do, where there are lots of these Jewish celebrations, it’s a very lucrative niche to work in.

Why Choose a Specialty Niche?

The point is, your area of expertise doesn’t have to be mainstream. In fact, the more you niche down, the more specialized your services, which means — you guessed it — more money!

So don’t be afraid to pay attention to what speaks to you and what you enjoy photographing. You may just find a niche no one has ever heard of and make a hefty profit in the process.

Would you like to learn how I would start a photography career from scratch? If so, sign up here for my FREE 6-Day Intro Course. I’ll see you inside!


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