9 Tips to taking better iphone picture


i Phone photography could be a huge a part of any artistic occupation currently, and taking wonderful photos with the iPhone is truly quite straightforward if you recognize a number of straightforward tricks. Follow the following tips to require your iPhone pics to subsequent level.

1. SEE THE LIGHT: bit the darkest a part of the screen (and keep your finger there for a second) and watch the whole screen relax. Use this tool to regulate the lighting on your pic before you snap.

2. GET IN FOCUS: Hold your finger on the screen for a second to focus in on your subject. this may guarantee your pics look crisp.

3. KEEP IT ON LOCK: Hold your finger on the screen for a few of seconds to LOCK the screen. this implies that the settings freeze wherever they’re. this is often helpful is you would like to urge a indistinct pic (on purpose–like lights on a lake, as an example.)

4. IT’S ALL regarding THE PROCESS: process your pictures is vital. i exploit VSCO to method my pictures and fix the exposure, saturation, cropping and distinction. Add filters from VSCO too to offer your photos a uniform look and feel.

5. FOCUS & EXPOSURE: several iphone picture apps, like VSCO, have a operate wherever you’ll manage focus AND exposure whereas you’re taking the picture. In VSCO, bit the screen with 2 fingers and you may see 2 points appear–one that claims “focus” and one that claims “exposure” modify every setting by moving them on the screen along with your fingers till the picture is targeted and bright.

6. keep PUT: The camera does not take the image till you’re taking your finger off of the button, thus hold still for a second even when you’ve got taken your finger away.

7. FRAME YOUR PICS: Before you snap your pic, scan the perimeter of the pic and confirm that the framing is just-so.

8. GO LOW: Photos taken from a lower level usually produce straighter lines and a lot of graphic pictures, attempt hunkered all the way down to get the most effective shots.

9. USE HDR: rather than victimization the intrinsical flash, activate the HDR (upper middle button once privately mode) to handle difficult lighting things, the HDR can compound the ‘layers’ of sunshine and create the image look higher than the shiny, harsh flash.

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