Top 5 Free Photo Editing Websites

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Websites


Owning a blog means editing a lot of pictures and I’ve navigated my way around a few photo editing sites. The best thing about them: these are FREE photo editing sites. Not only are these sites good for bloggers, but they’re great for moms who want to brighten, filter or erase some blemishes on family photos before they’re printed and hanging on the wall. Here are my top 5 choices for free photo editing sites.

1. Canva

I LOVE Canva and it’s become the only tool I use to make images for Southern Savers. They have so many beautiful pictures to use as backgrounds that pull over from This is also a great site to make printables for your home. You can put your favorite scripture or quote in front of an image, print it out and hang it on your wall.

2. PicMonkey


This used to be the site that I would always use, but now I mainly go to it to erase any unwanted background. I’ve found that it’s easy to use and has a lot of options for text fonts, overlays and editing options. Right now when you sign up, you can try a free 7 days of Royale (the upgraded version of the free site).

4. iPiccy

5. BeFunky



I am sure you have heard this before, most likely you say the word once or twice however the idea that you need to outsource photo editing, nicely that simply seems interesting. I mean how may you be a professional photographer and outsource your photo editing, can it be even your job anymore???

I believe the concept of outsourcing photo editing is only one that is very difficult for most photographers to tell on their own that it is the best choice, but I am here to inform you, that at a certain point of your photography career, it most definitely is the right choice.

If you’ve ever read the “E-Myth (A business guide book)” it says about how the death of a running business is when the technician is always remain in controlling, and  you need the entrepreneur and manager  immediately to play equal roles. Whenever you” the professional photographer” spend all of your time sitting at a pc editing your photos, the technician is in control and consumes the time you could be doing management or entrepreneur work.

The time would be better keeping you out in the public, booking more clients, shooting more session, cooperating with other person of your community. Your energy has valuation, and there will come a point you will be actually controlling your business to come back by doing that method of work.  There will be a point when your time holds a higher value than the price of paying to get done your edits by some other person else, true to say you will be protecting your business capital!

outsource_ Photo Editing Service

You have to consider 4 things if you outsource photo editing

You must know your style

You must have it pinned because if you are going to outsource your job, you have to tell the Designers, company or a person how you want to get your job done. As well as being able to explain your editing and enhancing style is likewise something that it is best to feel comfortable doing and if you actually don’t realize how to answer this, then step back and take a look at your work some.

Get your SOOC pretty regular and structured 

This specific goes along with the above mentioned. But In my opinion it’s really worth mentioning, it has been the experience, that even when you truly feel pretty well about your SOOC photos, once you begin to outsource, I could almost guarantee you that they can get even better, consistent in case you will. It really kind of takes place that way.

Match up your time

This specific next part is up to model as all of our lives are stuffed differently. But you should evaluate your time can be consumed in case that’s at the level in which you’re hoping it to generally be, maybe you would like an additional hour each day to spend together with your family. Have you ever run out of hours in any day of you?  It is very time to butts when the range of sessions is a) regular and b) at a place where you have go out of time in order to ‘do-it-all. ’

Perhaps you don’t enjoy editing

Effectively this one may well throw anyone off, if you’ve received your style worked out and you’re rocking your current SOOC; perhaps be you’re not just a ‘professional’ maybe you’re taking pictures for YOU! But just like any other professional photographer, your time is actually precious and perhaps, just probably, you do not enjoy the editing. Yes, I believe even as the hobbyist, deciding to outsource is totally fair and fine.

Now do you need all 4 steps checked out off the list to decide for outsource your photo editing job? Not. I think 1 & two are essential to really make the switch but  I think you actually either are in category 3 to 4, not necessarily equally.

Outsourcing isn’t a big frightening word which you avoid; also it shouldn’t become something a person takes gently either; however it is something which can make you happy. All in all you should feel great about your decision, own it and begin to doing many of other things you may be doing together with your time and company.

How to outsource your photo editing job

Best and dependent outsourcing company

There are a lot of outsourcing company in the world and you should get done your job from a reputed Photo editing service provider who can edit your photos as your requirement on time.

Clipping Path Lab is one of the best photos editing service provider in the world and you can get your job done perfectly because they have a huge number of expert graphics designers for designing and editing photos.

How to get Service from Clipping Path Lab (a photo editing company)

Clipping Path is providing their service through internet at low cost. And they are supporting their clients 24 hours, so you can hire them to get done your photo editing, photo retouching, or any other photo editing service you needed easily.

To hire you have just to shot images, and getting back to your home send them your newly captured images

So you can get your job done easily for this you have to visit their Website which is  .

Photoshop shortcuts to speed up Photo Editing

Whenever working in Photoshop, simple projects can become any hindrance on your workflow. To help out, we have a great choice of Photoshop shortcuts right here, all guaranteed to speed up your workflow once you get the hang of them.

We’ve also obtained free Photoshop actions to produce stunning results and some excellent Photoshop Tutorial to help you put them into practice.


Creating new layer

Start your hottest project with next to no time using this type of handy secret that promptly whips up a whole new layer in addition to dialog pack.

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+N

MAC: Shift+Cmd+N

Creating new layer behind selected layer

Perfecting the new covering shortcut can be a doddle, so if you want to drop in a layer behind it, always use this shortcut.

WINDOWS: Cmd+New Layer Icon

MAC: Ctrl+New Layer icon 

To Fill a layer

This specific command will fill an empty later with the current foreground or background color.

WINDOWS: Alt+Delete (foreground) or Ctrl+Delete (background)

MAC: Alt+Backspace (foreground) or Cmd+Backspace (background)

 Flatten layers

Include a new, clear layer to your top within your stack, pick it and even use the on top of command to help flatten the exact layers with the image towards sharpen the results. This offers a squashed version belonging to the image for the new covering but departs the tiers intact overly.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E 

MAC: Cmd+Alt+Shift+E

Making visible layers

This command will help you merge all your existing layers to create one new layer. Beware! Once merged, they are extremely difficult to separate.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+E

MAC: Cmd+Shift+E

Stamp down selected layers

When you have selected your own personal layers, utilize this command for you to merge these products into one specific layer. Learn them joined as a completely new layer; purely add in typically the Shift changer. This is handy if you need to produce adjustments afterwards.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+E   Adobe-Photoshop-Shortcut copy

MAC: Cmd+Alt+E

New layer via copy

You can use this command to create a new layer from an existing one. Sound complicated? Give it a go!


MAC: Cmd+J

New layer via cut

Such as creating a completely new layer by copy, this particular command will make a new coating with the determined image spot in it, a common difference by using cut is it will eliminate the selected graphic portion within the original graphic.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+J

MAC: Cmd+Shift+J

To bring layer to top of stack

At this point, you can proceed your preferred stratum to the the top stack about images that you simply working with with Photoshop.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+]

MAC: Cmd+Shift+]

Send layer to bottom of stack

This really is plenty self-explanatory in that it lets you do exactly the same since the command earlier but in and the second direction.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+[

MAC: Cmd+Shift+[

To bring layer forward

This will help you to bring any selected image to the front.


MAC: Cmd+]

Sending layer back

If you wish to change your mind, you can any time select the image and send it to the back of the pile!


MAC: Cmd+[

Copy multiple layers

After drawing a selection you can use this command to take every layer into the clipping, rather than just the current layer selection.

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+C

MAC: Shift+Cmd+C


This is the best command for any of you that accidentally click away from a section. Pressing these buttons will get that section reselected.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+D

MAC: Cmd+Shift+D

Invert selection

Select the objects around an already pre-selected image, this way; you can easily work around your main focus without losing it!

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+I

MAC: Cmd+Shift+I

Selecting all layers

It is a perfect command for those times when you want to get everything in sync.


MAC: Cmd+Opt+A

Selecting bottom layer

By this way you can select the bottom layer in the layers panel.

WINDOWS: Alt+Comma(,)

MAC: Opt+Comma(,)

Selecting top layer

By this way one can select the top layer in the layers panel.

WINDOWS: Alt+Period(.)

MAC: Opt+Period(.)

Deselecting from the selection area

If you want to deselect a certain area sharpish, then click these keys.

WINDOWS: Alt+drag

MAC: Opt+drag

Deselecting all but the intersected area

If you don’t need to deselect an area, you can use this shortcut to make sure you’re clicking on what you want.

WINDOWS: Shift+Alt+drag

MAC: Shift+Opt+drag

Deselect the entire image

To deselect the entire image hit these keys.


MAC: Cmd+D

Find the sizing handles

When you paste a layer or selection into any Photoshop image and it’s bigger than the current image, it may be difficult to find the sizing handles. This command will select Transform and sizes the image inside the window so you can see the sizing handles.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+T, then Ctrl+0

MAC: Cmd+TCmd+0

Move a selection

To move a selection easily, you have to press and hold the Spacebar and continue to do so until the selection is in the correct place.

WINDOWS: Spacebar+Marquee Tool

MAC: Spacebar+Marquee Tool


Select individual channels

Choosing with Photoshop Channels can make removing a fancy object through the background easier than with some other tools. And taking advantage of this secret makes it actually simpler

WINDOWS: Ctrl+3(red),4(green),5(blue)

MAC: Cmd+3(red),4(green),5(blue)

Select a colour from an image

Whenever using a Photoshop brush, if you wish to sample a color from an picture, instead of clicking the Eyedropper tool, simply hold the Alt or Option key to switch temporarily. Then let go to return to the Brush tool.

WINDOWS: Alt+Brush Tool

MAC: Opt+Brush Tool

Increase/decrease brush size

For increasing/ decreasing Brush tool use these shortcuts


MAC: ]/[

TO Fill

If you want to fill the selection with the foreground colour or with a determined pattern, use this shortcut to get the job done easily.


MAC: Shift+F5

Increase/decrease brush hardness

For increasing/ decreasing Brush hardness use these shortcuts


MAC: }/{

Previous/next brush

To save time and distractions by using these kinds of simple commands to swiftly move through the various brushes on offer.


MAC: ,/.


First/last brush

If you don’t want to have gone through the entire array of Brushes on offer, use these shortcuts to go back to the start or end.


MAC: </>

Toggle airbrush option

Simulate spraying painting with Photoshop’s airbrush tool using this helpful shortcut.

WINDOWS: Shift+Alt+P

MAC: Shift+Alt+P

Save for web & devices

Pretty self-explanatory but if you don’t want  to drag your mouse onto a number of options, use this shortcut on your keyboard.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S

MAC: Cmd+Shift+Opt+S 

Close & go to bridge

To close use these shortcuts

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+W

MAC: Cmd+Shift+W


When you will edit images, you’ll be using the levels box regularly. Save yourself some time with this Photoshop shortcut.


MAC: Command+L

Free Transform

This command opens the free transform tool for resizing, rotating, and skewing the image using a draggable outline.


MAC: Cmd+T


In this way you can quickly edit the Curves on your image.


MAC: Cmd+M

Colour Balance

This is a great Photoshop shortcut to edit the Colour Balance of images.

MAC: Cmd+B



These two powerful Photoshop tools will help you in perfecting colour balance battle, and will decrease the amount of crossover.


MAC: Cmd+U


You can convert your colour image to grayscale values, keeping the image in the same colour mode.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+U

MAC: Cmd+Shift+U

Quick image fixes

These tools are usually automatically improve your images.

Auto Tone 

MAC: Shift+Cmd+L

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+L

Auto Contrast

MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+L

WINDOWS: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L

Auto Color

MAC: Shift+Cmd+B

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+B

Lens correction

Use the lens correction filter for reducing the effect of barrel distortion, pincushion distortion.

MAC: Shift+Cmd+R

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+R

Adaptive Wide Angle

Adaptive angle improved lenses can bring their particular particular effects, and Photoshop has a filtering for this. The particular Adaptive Vast Angle separate out can quickly help straighten lines that will appear curled in but, or photographs taken together with fish-eye and also wide viewpoint lenses.

MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+A

WINDOWS: Opt+Shift+Ctrl+A

Camera Raw Filter

MAC: Shift+Cmd+A

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+A

Content aware scale

Scale your image to your preferred state with this quick shortcut.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+Opt+C

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C

Content-Aware Move

The most recent content-aware device in Photoshop CC allows you to move items around within a photograph, as well as it’ll smartly fill in the gaps wherever they was previously.


Create clipping mask

A nice way to keep shadows and shading where they belong, the clipping mask tool is basic but very useful tool.

MAC: Cmd+Opt+G


Blending modes

Photoshop has a variety of blending modes for creating cool effects. You can use this command to cycle through each.

WINDOWS: Shift+plus(+) or minus(-)

MAC: Shift+plus(+) or minus(-)

Black and white dialog box

Speed up the way of converting colour photos to black and white with this great shortcut, which opens the black and white adjustment dialog box easily.

WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+B

MAC: Shift+Cmd+Alt+B

Change image size

Set up your image sizes with this simple shortcut.

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+i

MAC: Cmd+Opt+i

Show/Hide Polygons

If you work with 3D assets, you can use this option to view the polygons that make up your 3D models. 

Within Selection

MAC: Opt+Cmd+X


Reveal All

WINDOWS: Opt+Shift+Ctrl+X

MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+X


Once you completed your 3D model, you can use this option to create a final render and create the highest quality version for output to web, animation or print.

WINDOWS: Opt+Shift+Ctrl+R

MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+R

View actual pixels

Viewing a photo in Photoshop in actual pixels gives you the chance to see each pixel individually – Making sure your work is perfect.

MAC: Cmd+Opt+0

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+0

Fit on screen

A nice way to view your work nicely on screen

MAC: Cmd+0


Zoom in

If you want to see properly your image, zoom right in with this shortcut command.

MAC: Cmd+plus(+)

WINDOWS: Ctrl+plus(+)

Zoom out

You can zoom out your image with this zoom out command.

MAC: Cmd+Minus()

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Minus()

Increase/decrease size of selected text by 2pts

Experiment with text in Photoshop by using this shortcut to change its size by 2pts.

MAC: Cmd+Shift+>/<

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+>/<

Increase/decrease size of selected text by 10pts

It works in the same as the command above but it’s by 10pts this time.

MAC: Cmd+Option+Shift->/<

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>/<

Increase/decrease kerning or tracking

You can adjust the space between your text in Photoshop with this handy shortcut.

MAC: Option+Right/Left Arrow

WINDOWS: Alt+Right/Left Arrow

Align text left/center/right

A nice way to experiment with the alignment of your text, this shortcut will help you to do it quickly.

MAC: Cmd-Shift-L/C/R

WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+L/C/R

Show/Hide selection on selected type

Speed up selecting elements on type with this easy shortcut.

MAC: Ctrl+H



Where did the mannequin go?

Ever seen any kind of images with an apparel or even fashion design website where a dress is shown which appears like it’s on the mannequin however the mannequin is not really visible? I’m sure every one of us did since this is the common pattern in the trend layout or attire industry to utilize such kind of photography. This kind of special discipline of photos is called invisible mannequin photography or making ghost mannequin effects.neck-joint-3

Therefore the question is the reason why remove the mannequin and create a good illusion to display that the apparel product is over a mannequin. It is really make the photo look more attractive.  Also to allow the potential buyers chance to see the overall item which often otherwise wouldn’t be possible with the dress being over the mannequin.

Clothing industry arrived a long way, because did the actual photo editing services businesses.  While apparel companies are discovering innovative concepts on how to advertise and show their products in a unique and attractive way, photo retouching services online businesses are walking exactly the same line through meeting all those demands. Making ghost mannequin effects or even invisible mannequin photography is among the prime good examples.

A few clothing businesses who just needs a few of this particular invisible mannequin photography modified in Photoshop attempt to get it done on their own using own Photoshop team or themselves if they know Photoshop. However the bigger companies who want plenty of these invisible mannequin photography editing carried out on a regular basis frequently find it inexpensive to outsource the work from an online photo editing service company.

One more purpose to outsource the invisible mannequin photography work to Outdoors Company to be sure the garments companies have a worldwide solution. A well-known photo editing company has professional workers who are capable to producing enormous amounts of images on a daily basis so they are staffed to provide such capability. Additionally it is cost efficient to outsource instead of doing it by yourself.

Different tools of Photoshop and what you can do with them

Clipping-Path-7For raster photo editing plus manipulation Adobe Photoshop is the best application. Photoshop is so popular software among both professionals and enthusiasts. All kind of design and photo editing are done by different kind of tools as well as commands from the menu bar and different pallets. People who need to step in the world of creative designing have to learn Photoshop perfectly before that let’s look at some of the most important tools which are used commonly and commands of adobe Photoshop.

Pen tool, lasso tool and quick selection tool 

Each one of these tools get one thing in popular, they are utilized for free hands selection although with quick selection you cannot do a free hand selection and as a result it instead specific portion of an image altogether. One of the reasons to select pictures with these tools is to remove the actual background. Remove background of an image  is important when getting rid of item you do not want within the picture or even removing the entire background in order to re-use the in different events.

Tools for improving the quality of an image

Picture quality improvement is one of the most common tasks done by Photoshop. Enhancing or improving image high quality in Photoshop is done in a number of ways. To begin with, you can change the color stability and lighting level to enhance the overall top quality. This could be carried out manually or even automatically through auto degree or adjustment command. Sometimes because of low quality, an image could be few blurry.  With the use of Photoshop’s sharpness filter system, you can touch up the image the perfect amount to the actual image visible enough.

Eliminating the imperfections   

Once we take a photo, it is the excellent one at all times. There could be a thing that can destroy the whole disposition of the photo. In this case, you should use Photoshop’s healing brush and also stamp clone copy tool to reduce those factors those components that you do not want within the photograph.

Changing the size of an image

This particular feature is extremely useful if you want your picture to be a little bit bigger or even smaller. This really is mostly done to create passport size pictures or making smaller picture from a large one.


Photoshop is huge software. It is limits are usually boundless.  Those who learn Photoshop properly can use any kind of updating and make unique looking style. Photoshop is very capable in which its limitation is only done by the user’s capability

Get your jewelry photo retouched easily

Jewelry Image Editing

Ever seen a jewelry online shop where all the jewelry photos looking dark and boring on their website? How elegant you think that would be to a possible buyer? Not at all if anyone ask me. This is why jewelry photo editing or jewelry image retouching comes into play.

Not all online jewelry stores know that the jewelry photos they have online are the ones that help people decided whether to buy the item or not. Many people will just click the browser back button when they see poor color or dark images of the items in display.

There is an easy solution for this kind of problem which is jewelry photo editing or retouching.

That can be done a good career to begin with through some good images. If you are not an excellent photographer capturing diamond photos, then you certainly should seek the services of a jewelry digital photographer who is competent in getting jewelry photographs. Once you have high class photos at the beginning, your job turns into easier to infuse really good in addition to quality jewelry photos in the online.Jewelry Image Editing Service

When the jewelry photographs taking is done, then you definitely take the help of a jewelry image editing service provider who will update or if needed, retouch your diamond photos. They may remove the historical past from your jewelry photos so that it easier to upload or store the online shop. For some jewelry images, deeper retouching may be needed to increase the shine in the jewelry I items.  If one need occasional or even regular photo editing or jewelry photo editing service, he / she can hire an outsourcing photo editing company which offers jewelry photo editing services. Price for each image edited depends on the item and also the complexity but in most situations it could be various coming from as low as $1 to a few dollars to the most.

If jewelry photo editing and retouching makes your items sell, then 1 time cost of editing your jewelry photos can be good for your business.

What Is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a method of separating a specific image from a photograph. For example, if a picture has 5 different products or persons in there, clipping path can be used to cut out a single product or person form that photograph.

Depending on the necessity, single path or multi clipping path (cutting out multiple images or objects form a single photo), in some cases referred to as multiple clipping path can be used. Most popular software used to do so is adobe Photoshop application. However, other related tools are also being used for companies that are offering clipping path and photo editing service.

Pictures taken by skilled and professional photographers are not used on books, newspaper articles, magazine cover and on other print media the way they are actually. They go through many layers of adjustment before they are printed on something or submitted online on some online business sites. Clipping path experts or clipping path service provider offer you their services for your companies if need such image manipulation methods.

Depending on the kind of job requirement, there can be a graphic designer who always does the job or a clipping path Photoshop operator who performs round the clock to provide such images. Some of Photoshop operators are employed by clipping path service providers who are specialized in such services.

If a person need single or multi clipping path on a normal basis, then it is the best bet to acquire the services of a clipping path service specialist who are experts in doing do. They understand your necessity and are in sole business in doing so.