How to Add Virtual Makeup in Digital Photo Retouching

A blog post on the concept of virtual makeup and how to add that virtual glow to the digital photographs using photo retouching.

Add Virtual Makeup Using Digital Photo Retouching


Photography is a passionate hobby for millions of people. Many of them get so involved that they turn it into a full-time career. As people love keeping memories, the need for good photographers is always going to exist.


There are many different ways of earning money as a photographer, but to earn serious money, it is necessary to focus on creating astonishing portrait photos. They are necessary to master in wedding photography, urban photography, stock photography, fashion photography, and many other directions which a photographer might choose.


But, to make those photos really shine, it is also necessary to master your knowledge in photo retouching. If you want to reduce the expenses of outsourcing this process to a company which offers photo retouching services, it is best to learn more about Photoshop and other similar programs.


Let’s take a look at a great way of making any portrait look better by editing or adding makeup in your photos.

Analyzing the photo


To begin, it is necessary to run an analysis and see what is wrong with the image, that is, the makeup in the image. This is going to give you a clear set of goals that you should perform. To keep everything in check, get a sheet of paper, or a text taking software and note down all the particularities that you wish to correct, to make the image more appealing.

The most usual problems with makeup are:

  • Hitting the right makeup base for an even skin tone is very hard to achieve.
  • Sun is a factor that can affect the state of makeup, which might require correction in post processing.
  • Consistency across the face is rarely pulled off. There are areas of the face where makeup is not well applied.
  • The overall makeup color differs from the person’s skin and hair tone.


These are some key things that you should be focusing on during the Analyzation phase. It will paint the right idea about the steps you should take. After taking the notes down, you should start thinking about the goals you wish to achieve.

Know your goals

For a majority of portrait photos, getting the eyes right is the main goal, as they have the highest impact on the photo’s viewer. Therefore, making the eyes stand out should always be your primary goal.


Besides eyes, it is necessary to think about the other elements as well, which are colors and tones, facial smoothness, shadows, and lighting. Once you know your goals, you can start working on the things you wish to change.

Take care of the basics first

The software tool with the most capabilities is Photoshop. Therefore, this guide will use the tools from this program.


To start, it is necessary to make sure that the subject of the image is centered well, and is the primary focus. Depending on the framing of the photo, you can rely on crop and rotation tools to highlight the model. To keep everything under control, create a double of the original photo, and press control-T to make all the necessary basic rotation adjustments.


Beauty is directly related to the symmetry of a person’s face. A great Photoshop tool that allows you to make minor facial adjustments is Liquefy. With it, you can make the model’s face more symmetrical.


For example, a shadow can be foundin some parts of the nose, and by smoothly using the Liquefy tool, you can remove the shadow and present the nose in a more symmetrical way. Additionally, this tool is great to use for the model’s neckline. But, make sure that you are very modest with this tool because overdoing these adjustments will make your model look completely different than in real life.

Smoothing the face


Now, the next step is taking care of smaller details such as freckles, acne, eye veins and facial hair. This is best performed with the Healing Brush tool and with the Stamp Tool. This is important to do before taking the next step of making a face look smoother.


Creating smooth skin involves the usage of Gaussian Blur, which lets you smooth the skin and keep the original tone, color, and texture of the image. It makes a great impact on how the model looks, as the face becomes completely smooth.

Move on to adding makeup


To know what you are doing, it is necessary to conduct online research and understand why makeup is applied to the face anyway. The overall goal is to express certain features of the face while also hiding others. This is achieved by playing with darker and lighter shades. The darker ones serve to put an accent on the person’s bone structure, whereas the lighter ones are perfect for highlighting the best facial features a person has.


For example, create a new layer and set it to soft lights. This is the layer that will allow you to paint a lighter skin tone. You are going to be using a Soft Round Brush to achieve this goal. Then, make another layer, but with a Linear burn instead of soft light, and use a different color, such as muted purple, to accent the cheekbones.


When it comes to eyes, creating a Smokey eye is very important, as people are used to seeing this in magazines. Pick a Hard Round Brush and, like with the face, go with a muted purple color to achieve this effect.


Lipstick is an important part. To create one, you will need to create another layer and use the Hard Round Brush once again. Use the Linear Burn setting when creating the layer. Red is the color that lets the eyes pop; therefore, you can use that color.


These are some of the tips to add makeup to your photo models easily. To get the best results, it is necessary to understand how makeup is applied. This will point you in the right direction when you are using Photoshop to add it digitally.

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I am sure you have heard this before, most likely you say the word once or twice however the idea that you need to outsource photo editing, nicely that simply seems interesting. I mean how may you be a professional photographer and outsource your photo editing, can it be even your job anymore???

I believe the concept of outsourcing photo editing is only one that is very difficult for most photographers to tell on their own that it is the best choice, but I am here to inform you, that at a certain point of your photography career, it most definitely is the right choice.

If you’ve ever read the “E-Myth (A business guide book)” it says about how the death of a running business is when the technician is always remain in controlling, and  you need the entrepreneur and manager  immediately to play equal roles. Whenever you” the professional photographer” spend all of your time sitting at a pc editing your photos, the technician is in control and consumes the time you could be doing management or entrepreneur work.

The time would be better keeping you out in the public, booking more clients, shooting more session, cooperating with other person of your community. Your energy has valuation, and there will come a point you will be actually controlling your business to come back by doing that method of work.  There will be a point when your time holds a higher value than the price of paying to get done your edits by some other person else, true to say you will be protecting your business capital!

outsource_ Photo Editing Service

You have to consider 4 things if you outsource photo editing

You must know your style

You must have it pinned because if you are going to outsource your job, you have to tell the Designers, company or a person how you want to get your job done. As well as being able to explain your editing and enhancing style is likewise something that it is best to feel comfortable doing and if you actually don’t realize how to answer this, then step back and take a look at your work some.

Get your SOOC pretty regular and structured 

This specific goes along with the above mentioned. But In my opinion it’s really worth mentioning, it has been the experience, that even when you truly feel pretty well about your SOOC photos, once you begin to outsource, I could almost guarantee you that they can get even better, consistent in case you will. It really kind of takes place that way.

Match up your time

This specific next part is up to model as all of our lives are stuffed differently. But you should evaluate your time can be consumed in case that’s at the level in which you’re hoping it to generally be, maybe you would like an additional hour each day to spend together with your family. Have you ever run out of hours in any day of you?  It is very time to butts when the range of sessions is a) regular and b) at a place where you have go out of time in order to ‘do-it-all. ’

Perhaps you don’t enjoy editing

Effectively this one may well throw anyone off, if you’ve received your style worked out and you’re rocking your current SOOC; perhaps be you’re not just a ‘professional’ maybe you’re taking pictures for YOU! But just like any other professional photographer, your time is actually precious and perhaps, just probably, you do not enjoy the editing. Yes, I believe even as the hobbyist, deciding to outsource is totally fair and fine.

Now do you need all 4 steps checked out off the list to decide for outsource your photo editing job? Not. I think 1 & two are essential to really make the switch but  I think you actually either are in category 3 to 4, not necessarily equally.

Outsourcing isn’t a big frightening word which you avoid; also it shouldn’t become something a person takes gently either; however it is something which can make you happy. All in all you should feel great about your decision, own it and begin to doing many of other things you may be doing together with your time and company.

How to outsource your photo editing job

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Where did the mannequin go?

Ever seen any kind of images with an apparel or even fashion design website where a dress is shown which appears like it’s on the mannequin however the mannequin is not really visible? I’m sure every one of us did since this is the common pattern in the trend layout or attire industry to utilize such kind of photography. This kind of special discipline of photos is called invisible mannequin photography or making ghost mannequin effects.neck-joint-3

Therefore the question is the reason why remove the mannequin and create a good illusion to display that the apparel product is over a mannequin. It is really make the photo look more attractive.  Also to allow the potential buyers chance to see the overall item which often otherwise wouldn’t be possible with the dress being over the mannequin.

Clothing industry arrived a long way, because did the actual photo editing services businesses.  While apparel companies are discovering innovative concepts on how to advertise and show their products in a unique and attractive way, photo retouching services online businesses are walking exactly the same line through meeting all those demands. Making ghost mannequin effects or even invisible mannequin photography is among the prime good examples.

A few clothing businesses who just needs a few of this particular invisible mannequin photography modified in Photoshop attempt to get it done on their own using own Photoshop team or themselves if they know Photoshop. However the bigger companies who want plenty of these invisible mannequin photography editing carried out on a regular basis frequently find it inexpensive to outsource the work from an online photo editing service company.

One more purpose to outsource the invisible mannequin photography work to Outdoors Company to be sure the garments companies have a worldwide solution. A well-known photo editing company has professional workers who are capable to producing enormous amounts of images on a daily basis so they are staffed to provide such capability. Additionally it is cost efficient to outsource instead of doing it by yourself.

Get your jewelry photo retouched easily

Jewelry Image Editing

Ever seen a jewelry online shop where all the jewelry photos looking dark and boring on their website? How elegant you think that would be to a possible buyer? Not at all if anyone ask me. This is why jewelry photo editing or jewelry image retouching comes into play.

Not all online jewelry stores know that the jewelry photos they have online are the ones that help people decided whether to buy the item or not. Many people will just click the browser back button when they see poor color or dark images of the items in display.

There is an easy solution for this kind of problem which is jewelry photo editing or retouching.

That can be done a good career to begin with through some good images. If you are not an excellent photographer capturing diamond photos, then you certainly should seek the services of a jewelry digital photographer who is competent in getting jewelry photographs. Once you have high class photos at the beginning, your job turns into easier to infuse really good in addition to quality jewelry photos in the online.Jewelry Image Editing Service

When the jewelry photographs taking is done, then you definitely take the help of a jewelry image editing service provider who will update or if needed, retouch your diamond photos. They may remove the historical past from your jewelry photos so that it easier to upload or store the online shop. For some jewelry images, deeper retouching may be needed to increase the shine in the jewelry I items.  If one need occasional or even regular photo editing or jewelry photo editing service, he / she can hire an outsourcing photo editing company which offers jewelry photo editing services. Price for each image edited depends on the item and also the complexity but in most situations it could be various coming from as low as $1 to a few dollars to the most.

If jewelry photo editing and retouching makes your items sell, then 1 time cost of editing your jewelry photos can be good for your business.

Best way to get the photo retouching done

Retouching of any product or person photo can be done in different ways. Either one can do it thyself with the use of some photo editing or retouching application like adobe Photoshop, hire somebody to do photo retouching, or outsource the photo retouching job from some photo retouching service provider.

Photo-Retouching-Service-5 copy

Which one is the best option depends on your unique situation. If you want only one or a couple photo editing here and there, you can get a free photo retouching tool downloading from the internet and nicely do it yourself. You just have to get familiar with the use of the software or tool for the first time you use it. Once you are well-known using the photo editing tool, you can have a photo retouched in minutes. More complex photos can take a little longer.
If you are in a photo editing company where it requires you to have photo retouching done one a normal basis, then you have to hire some in-house well graphic designer who can do the photo editing for you on a normal basis. You only have to do some math to observe if it is cost efficient for you to hire a full time graphic designer or a photo editing professional.

There is a different option for you is to outsource the whole image editing job to some photo editing service provider who can have the job done for you as your requirement. You can outsource the all your job locally from some local graphic designer or outsource from several outsource photo retouching service provider. If you hire someone locally he will give you better access to your hired resource, but it will most likely cost you a lot when compared from hiring an offshore Graphics Designing or photo retouching company.

Even if you want a handful of photo edited here and there, you can hire those offshore photo retouching service provider or photoshop professionals. If you have a lot of photo retouching needs, you will get a volume discount for the job. So try to negotiate with the any photo retouching company if you order in a large volume.


Christmas Photography and Editing Ideas

The holiday period of Christmas is a time of joyous celebration and sharing with friends and family. Everyone make a lots of fun with friends and family persons in these holiday period. Nobody want to lose their memorable moments with their friends and family members. You can capture every special moment and keep them forever with family Christmas portraits. And later you can share your memories with your friends, relatives and your next generation who weren’t present that time.


christmas-photography-ideas- for-food

A professional photographer can capture the best moment of your family in a photo but without a designer your photos won’t be nice, because after capturing a photo it should be retouched for more beautifulness. Everyone wants that his / her photos should looks beautiful and eye-catchy.

Therefore, you have to hire a photo editing company or a graphic designer to beautify your Christmas photos.  To get the best photo editing service you have to hire the best photo editing company and now it is so easy to find out from internet. You can take photo editing service from your home easily.

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